What are the features available in PURE today ?

This page groups all the features available in the last release.
Click the render buttons to see the result.
Look at the source of the page to see comments and usage or have a look at the wiki.

Example 1: Hello Who?

Hello World

Example 2: Iteration on a Table


Example 3: Iteration on a List

  1. Beebole

Example 4: Passing JS Functions as a Directive (Iteration on a table zebra like and attach events)

In addition to the zebra iteration, this example shows a way to attach events by a directive.
To see those events, mouse-over the lines of the rendered table, and click on a line.

Example 5: Nested Iteration

This was not explained in the examples. The objective here is to have a double iteration. First on teams, then on players.
It shows the nested iteration and as well how a template can be included in another.
Team Name

Example 6: Recursive List