DOMAssistant 2.8.1

November 24th, 2011 by chenghong

A new build of DOMAssistant has been made available just in time for Thanksgiving! This is a maintenance release which fixed a couple of IE selector bugs since v2.8, and also has improved support for the latest versions of browsers.


Change Log

  • [Fix] attribute selector [value*=''], [value^=''] and [value$=''] do not work in IE
  • [Fix] :empty does not select elements that contain only comment nodes in IE
  • [Fix] setAttributes() does not work in IE9
  • [Fix] Special events handling in IE9
  • [Fix] Selecting dashed attributes does not work in IE
  • [Fix] Unable to select empty attributes in IE
  • [Fix] :not([attrib]) does not work in IE
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