DOMAssistant 2.8 final released

March 5th, 2010 by chenghong

The final DOMAssistant 2.8 is now available for download. There are numerous new features and improvements in 2.8, most notably:

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes, please refer to the release notes. The documentation has also been updated for both online and offline reading.

Note that there is a potential imcompatiblity with version 2.7.x in events handling. Do read about it on the beta 1 release post.

Thank you and we hope you like the latest DOMAssistant!

4 Responses to “DOMAssistant 2.8 final released”

  1. John Guerin says:

    My compliments on features and web site improvements … Thank you.

    John Guerin

  2. CROS says:

    Awesome! Thanks a bunch.

  3. Leif H Silli says:

    Are you going to update the slickspeed Unicode test page to version 2.8 as well? Currently it doesn’t work at all.

  4. chenghong says:

    Thanks for pointing out. I’ll look into it.

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