Beta 4 has landed – DOMAssistant 2.8 gains support for form events delegation

February 4th, 2010 by chenghong

DOMAssistant 2.8 introduces event delegation since beta 1, via the methods relayEvent() and unrelayEvent(). Event delegation relies on the bubbling characteristics of events, which, unsurprisingly, do not behave consistently across browsers. Beta 1 ensures support for ‘focus’ and ‘blur’; beta 4 takes it a step further by providing support for traditionally non-bubbly form events on IE – ‘submit’, ‘reset’, ‘change’ and ‘select’. Special thanks to Greg Reimer for inspiration of the technique.

Changes since beta 3:

  • [New] Added relayEvent support for form events submit/reset/change/select
  • [New] Cross-browser support for mouseenter and mouseleave events
  • [Chg] removeEvent() now removes all events that are bound to an element (including inline ones) when triggered without arguments
  • [Fix] [selected=selected], [readonly=readonly] now work the same as [selected], [readonly]
  • [Fix] Memory leakage associated with data storage and events
  • [Fix] Minor performance improvement in internal cleanUp method


Feature set for DOMAssistant 2.8 will be freezed from this point onward. Now time for bug hunting and fixing!

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