DOMAssistant was originally developed by Robert Nyman to meet a need of a small yet very powerful JavaScript library, focusing on performance and modularity. Robert still plays a part in the DOMAssistant world, but now the technical lead is Lim Cheng Hong and the invaluable DOMAssistant Team.

The DOMAssistant Team

The DOMAssistant team consists of:

Lim Cheng Hong
Cheng Hong currently resides and works in Singapore as a Senior Consultant for a software firm. User interface is his passion, and he swears by accessible, usable and standards-based designs.
Pelle Wessman
Pelle works as a Web Developer for Good Old, and comes from Eslöv in Skåne, southern Sweden. He's working with Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS etc depending on the current assignment. He is a strong follower of standards and semantics and really likes initiatives like Microformats.
Gustaf Lindqvist
Gustaf is living and working in Sundsvall, in northern Sweden, as a consultant System/Web Developer for a world leading end-to-end IT services provider.

Mailing list and discussion

Send an e-mail to mailing-list [at] domassistant [dot] com with your question, or to verify your e-mail address and that you want to receive information about updates.

If you're interested in discussing features or getting support, please visit the DOMAssistant Discussion Group.

DOMAssistant Compatibility

DOMAssistant has been rigorously tested and verified to work in these web browsers, but for most web browsers, it is fair to assume a long backwards compatibility:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5+
  • Firefox 1+
  • Chrome 1+
  • Safari 3+
  • Opera 9+

DOMAssistant Adaptions

DOMAssistant utilizes XPath, querySelectorAll and native getElementsByClassName in web browsers that support it, for best performance. It is also optimized to avoid causing memory leaks in Internet Explorer.

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